Gourmet Travel Experience

Taste Greece

Join us as we embark on a culinary journey and a delightful world of the five senses and the culinary Athens will be revealed to you. Our guides will knowledgeably lead you through a food stroll and provide valuable insight both on the unique and intricate culinary heritage of Greece as well as the famous Mediterranean diet, hailed today as a model of healthy living.

For Individuals

Discover another side of Athens which lies in the shadow of the famous Acropolis where a kaleidoscope of colors, smells, tastes and textures await. Your expert and totally passionate about food guide will lead you past produce stalls bursting with color, intoxicating spice shops, enticing sweet shops, and of course the bustling central food market of Athens. Let us arrange your visits to a variety of specialty food shops, colorful and alluring delicatessens, aromatic and tempting bakeries and sweet shops, restaurants, dairies, spice, grocery and pie shops where you can sample and taste the most traditional Greek food.

For Groups

Explore a “Mezé” of the senses with us, a journey where ordinary ingredients creates extraordinary experiences, a perfect blend of the Ancient with today, a variety of raw ingredients that by imagination are magically transformed into nourishing, delicious mouthfuls.
A true love affair between Palate and Place!
Food and wine reflect the celebration of life, and where there is a connection to real food, there is a connection to real life.

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