Almos Travel

Why Us

Using a DMC is your guarantee of receiving honest and accurate information, having someone on the spot and being offered the best travel solutions in your destination, either you visit a major city or a small island. And let’s not forget the buying power that a DMC can provide you.

  • We believe that either you visit Greece for vacation or for business reasons; it is your right to be served the absolute best possible way.
  • We believe that it is our duty to act with responsibility, seriousness and transparency.
  • We believe that customer satisfaction is the most important aim and that can only be achieved through consistent quality control.

It’s how we do it that makes the difference!

Our Vision

Tailor – Made Journeys In Greece

We create bespoken journeys since every client is unique! Work starts from the embryonic stage of a client enunciating his need,through internal brainstorming discussions, client feed back and finally the creation of a dream voyage.

Each journey for us is by definition monadic. At the end, what is common in all of them is that you luxuriate strong memories.

Like a conductor, who synchronizes an orchestra, we weave together wishes with our expertise!

Our Goal

Exceeding The Expectations

We strive to exceed the expectations of every traveller by offering outstanding services, increased flexibility and greater value, thus optimizing customers’ satisfaction and improving operation efficiency. Our associates are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our guests receive the most effective and professional service. As experts in the travel services, Almos Travel Ltd. is involved in every stage from planning to materializing any request or demand of our customers.

Our Values

Customer Delight

The core asset of the company is the customer. It is about the emotions, needs, wants and experiences of customers we are working to fulfill.

Refreshing Travel Experiences

We don’t follow the path, we like to do things differently, to be brave thus creating unrivaled journeys for globe hoppers.

Team Working

There is a culture of team working. We work together respecting the different opinions having in mind customer’s needs.

Our Procedure

Making The Difference

We dig in to one’s needs.

We synchronize everything for the best outcome.

We offer an avant-garde travel experience: seeking unknown trails, picturesque wooden boats for travel, secret paradise beaches and old aristocratic places to dine. Even in the most touristic places we unravel unique experiences!We respect our clients wishes, everything is performed according to his needs!

We are passionate about travelling and that makes the difference!

Our Experiences

Customized till the last detail

Our selection of destinations and properties is just a taste of what we can offer: a world full of experiences that we are going to customize till the last detail:

For Families

For travelers seeking cultural/ historical/ religious moments

For travelers seeking upgraded / luxurious places

For athletic / adventurous travelers

For Business Travelers