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Taste Greece

For Groups

Explore a “Mezé” of the senses with us, a journey where ordinary ingredients creates extraordinary experiences, a perfect blend of the Ancient with today, a variety of raw ingredients that by imagination are magically transformed into nourishing, delicious mouthfuls. A true love affair between Palate and Place!

Food and wine reflect the celebration of life, and where there is a connection to real food, there is a connection to real life. Our small culinary groups will step into the pace of local living, exploring the cuisine, the regional brews and the daily customs, along with the history and the people who made it so. Our meals go behind the scenes as we are invited into “the kitchen” to explore the indigenous taste, textures and smells of each area we visit. At historic cellar doors we learn how to swirl, sniff, slurp and then taste the beverage of the region.

Our cherished connections with chefs, winemakers and locals, lead us to relaxed moments with the masters behind their crafts and we guarantee to provide you with the most experienced tour leaders in the “foodie field” that Greece can deliver!

Gather a maximum of 12 participants, provide us with your preferred travel dates, let the recipe up to us.

We will compose THE way Group Travel should taste!